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Manolo Costa New York is an oasis for luxury menswear with timeless elegance and modern sensibility. Settled on the Upper East side off of Park Avenue one can expect to walk into a setting where Mid Century design, art and style come together. It is a lifestyle of harmony, classic modernism and orchestrated simplicity.

We have developed the perfect technique to turn body measurements into a finished garment that truly feels like a second skin. Finding the perfect balance between comfort and achieving the ideal silhouette is equally as important as giving each one of our garments a timeless and distinctive aesthetic.

Our clients understand the value of a good investment. They seek expert advice and a sartorial piece of mind. Evoking confidence, our garments are destined to fulfill your ambitions.

We are inspired by old world traditions and we are presenting you with a unique experience of fine bespoke tailoring, wardrobe curation and home furnishings…Welcome to Manolo Costa New York.

The experience is exclusively yours.

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