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Men’s Suits

Your Style is Your Signature

Fashion is not usually innate; one must learn to develop taste over time – often with some trial and error.  So if you’re a novice or have just lost your way, there is no better place to begin than investing in a sharp suit. However there are things to keep in mind before you visit a tailor or your local men’s suit store, like what kind of suit you are looking for.


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Are Men’s Suits Single or Double Breasted today?

Single Breasted suit jackets are more popular these days, but if you want a more formal vibe, then a Double Breasted jacket is ideal. If you are unsure which style is which, just count the buttons. Single Breasted jackets have between 1-3 buttons, where 4-8 buttons are common for Double Breasted.


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If the suit fits…

Next, men’s suits are not complete until they are properly fitted, so once your jacket is selected, ensure that your pants are not tailored too long, as you do not want them bunching at the bottom. Then check that your jacket sleeves are not too long or too short (only ¼ – ¾ of an inch of your shirt sleeve should be protruding from under your suit jacket sleeve).  Finally, you will want to compliment your suit with an elegant shirt, nice shoes and some accessories, but not too many. Adding TOO MUCH to the suit is a common mistake many men make, when all that is needed is a modest necktie and simple pocket square.  Remember you are not wearing a tuxedo, so you do not need to add cufflinks.  Also keep in mind that you never need to wear a belt with a suit; doing so will only ruin the suit’s natural line.


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Taking it to the Next Level

Once you’ve got the basics of men’s suits down, you can then stride with ease into a whole other arena of personal style: a bespoke suit. Nothing allows you to completely express your taste than having your suit custom made. By electing to design your wardrobe from scratch, you have complete control over the fabric used, color, design, the line of the suit and other features that will allow your style to loom large among all the other men’s suits out there. And with that confidence in your pocket, there is nothing you can’t accomplish.

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