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Amongst every element in his closet, a gentleman’s shirts are by far the most indispensible.  In the world of shirtings, the quality and fit are of utmost importance.  Our custom shirts begin from the opening range at 100’s 2-ply up to the superlative 200’s quality, and each pure cotton design is woven to the highest standard of finish, comfort and style.

These creations of brilliance are procured by using the finest long-staple cotton, in its raw form.  Utilized by the most elite Italian weavers, our incredible selection of fine cotton shirtings surpasses all expectations.

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Variety and diversity allow for a greater range of outfit choices.  That’s why we provide every  client with countless options in regards to their fabric of choice, collars, and cuffs.  Like our suiting, each shirt that comes out of our workshop is entirely bespoke and every client receives as many fittings as necessary to ensure a clean and flattering look.  Finished with iridescent mother-of-pearl buttons; the fit, quality, and customization of our shirts surmount all your other options.

We encourage you to visit our shop at your leisure for all of your shirting needs; the experience is exclusively yours.  Schedule an appointment

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