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The Perfect Companion

It’s 2019 and now is your opportunity to weed out the old threads and introduce some fresh and crisp furnishings… Out with the old and in with the new.


Select Your Shirts

Earn Your Stripes

Go vertical and slim down your look. Pick a width that works best for you.

Bold Subtleties 

Lighten up, and keep your tones soft, no better way to compliment textures and patterns.

Pure Business

Pick your white, without a doubt the most in demand.
So how many will it be?
Let us help you seal the deal.


Hilma af Klint: Paintings for the Future
At the Guggenheim through April 23, 2019

Go beyond the visual and experience an exhibit of abstraction and symbols that will leave you questioning the beauty of the universe. Klint created a library of ideas through remarkable illustrations that contain messages for the future but for the most part have been kept mysteriously private until recently. Embark on the journey, find out for yourself.


Yves Saint Laurent

“Good clothing is a passport to happiness”
We couldn’t agree more with one of the worlds most stylish men, for there is no other icon that embodies comfort and elegance so effortlessly.
As opposed to seeing the suit as restraining, Saint Laurent injected it with his own sense of style and revolutionized it into something that is freeing and which has proved to be eternal.So lets all take cues from YSL and create ease and a statement of your own personality.


Linley valet stand

Linely has become synonymous with beautiful craftsmanship and quintessential bespoke finishings. This valet stand is no exception, just imagine waking up in the morning to your favorites finely draped over walnut and grey sycamore.
What better way to take care of the things you love the most than by ensuring that you have the elements to extend the life of your sartorial treasures.
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