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Summer Soirée



Puerto Banús


Veer away from the typical and spend your days in luxury at the marina of Puerto Banús, you deserve it.  Here you will find the glamour and freedom of a jet setter community as you soak up the sun and take in the views of Costa Del Sol. Jump aboard a yacht or take to the green for an ace, but whatever you do be sure to kickback and create your own international tale.

Sartorial Insights


Summer Soirée


Brighten up the evening and choose a party ensemble that won’t leave you blending into the crowd. Give the poolside festivities some zest without compromising elegance, attract just the right amount of attention while going completely unnoticed. Get adventurous and pick a pattern and color that is fitting to your personality. So remember, take away from the seriousness, grab that cocktail and have fun.



The London at Beverly Hills 


Channel your inner Royale and head to the pool. Of course there are many hot spots in LA but The London gives you the space you need to be yourself. It is time to indulge your tastes in eclectic craft drinks amid white roses and palms and relax in private poolside cabanas. Go ahead and put that jacket on get into character, after all it’s Hollywood.



Romeo Rega Lamp


Let’s set the tone…and cast the perfect setting. Turn your creativity on and find a fixture that combines the elements that you hold dear. For us it is Romeo’s way of delivering beautifully designed lighting vessels. Sharp and clean lines become timeless against brass and polished nickel forms. Give your space some modern glamour and find the perfect spot for your new treasure.

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