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Sport Coats & Trousers

Let’s Spring forward and do a quick browse in your closet. Are you sport coat and trouser ready? It’s time to refine that casual attire that you are quietly craving for. So let us help you introduce some understated and classic ideas for Spring and lastly let’s salute Mr Connery as he remains suave with a simple and tonal expression.


Mr Bond

Be sure to keep things refined and contemporary by investing in key staples like versatile jackets, transitional trousers, go-to shirts and maybe an off-duty tie.


Discovering the trouser that sits at your waist and hang weightlessly is a comfort worth seeking. Whether they be linen, cotton or a light wool don’t underestimate the impact that a more casual trouser can have on ones outlook. When coordinated well they speak for themselves and get you moving in good strides…so go on and find the perfect pair.


Sport coats

The secret here lies with finding quiet yet very distinctive patterns that include a set of captivating colors. These when coordinated right simplify your decision process when getting dressed, making your life so much easier. So let’s find those keystone pieces that will compliment your lifestyle and set yourself apart from the mainstream.


I am a saint – Lucio Fontana

Slash your weekend apart and make some time for Fontana. Lucio made abstraction dangerous by breaking through the surface of a painting. In fact his art looks like it came from another planet and it may as well, given how seldom we see it in New York. It’s only up for a few more weeks so be sure to make the cut.


Isola Bella

This island is a natural treasure made even richer with human intervention and definitely a favorite in Lago Maggiore. Enter this sumptuous baroque palace and experience the opulent gardens and magnificent statues, surely an enchanting journey. We can’t think of a better backdrop for you to break in your new sport coats and trousers, don’t forget the camera.
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