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Pick Your Gray

Sergii Shaulis

Building the right presence in a room is not as easy as it may seem. It expands beyond the small decorative pieces that get displayed all throughout your home into finding a monumental sculptural piece that speaks of your artistic sensibility. After all art doesn’t just hang on the walls. With that said we salute Sergii Shaulis. The Man Without a Rod is part of a series that Sergii developed over 10 years. You would think his senior approach would dictate his age, but we can only hope that what we see now is only the beginning of a long and exciting trajectory.

Whether it is 4 or 50, grey is sure to give you the perfect shade of cool, calm and collected. Just think of the characters that have embodied the ideal image behind a grey suit, that’s right! The list goes on… So do as Cary does and pick the shades that work best for you. Consider the office, the events that need attending, but most importantly consider retiring those old threads that no longer live up to your expectations.

Sartorial Insight

Pick Your Grey

Plain Simple

If you’re keeping it plain these are the three characteristics that you should be keeping in mind: texture, depth & shade. Achieve all three and get ready, the compliments are on their way.

Check Mate

Your move here should include soft, tonal plaids and windowpanes that only compliment your shirt and tie combo. Enhance your grey selection by adding the most distinctive of the bunch.

Class Heroes

These are the go-to’s, the one’s you need 2 or 3 of, the one’s you can never have enough of. When in doubt choose the classics and you will never go wrong.



60 Floors up you will find a space which wraps around an open kitchen, has floor-to-ceiling windows with stunning panoramic views of rivers, bridges, and skyscrapers. They’re still developing the menu so don’t go for the food just yet, but the experience through it’s sky high atmosphere and  breathtaking views that will make cocktails in the clouds all the more elevating.
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