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Pick Your Blue

Do as Bond, and pick the right shade of blue; one that speaks of your ambitions and your sartorial core. If any anybody ever asks you how many blue suits is too many? Simply respond “You could never have enough”. Blue without a doubt is the color of choice by popular demand and with reason. No other color lends itself to different settings or complexions as the royal’s favorite does. So go ahead and pick your blues this season, and set the tones right.

Sartorial Insight

Solid Gold 

Whether pure solid or with a slight texture, the classic blue suit seats appropriately in any table day or night.

Stripe Fever

The power lies between the lines. Bold strokes or understated stripes mean business.

Pane Killers 

A window of opportunities. Get creative but keep it subtle, the options are abundant and therefore the secret lies in picking the right ones.


Michter’s 10 Year Kentucky Straight Bourbon


Mature in age and truly exceptional in quality, Michter’s 10 Year Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon has earned its place as an enduring favorite of the most discerning whiskey connoisseurs. Bold dark toffee and charred oak are only a few of the notes that you will appreciate from this bourbon. Only a select few barrels age with elegance to be included in the releases so don’t delay and join in the experience it is worth every drop.



Norman Jaffe

An architect known for his “romantic modernist” homes Norman Jaffe created wooden structures with rambling gables, often perching houses on sites as if they were sculptures on pedestals all while alluding to the older shingle-style houses that dot the different landscapes of the Hamptons, Manhattan etc. He was a magnetic, free-spirited individual sometimes regarded as a sex symbol, and he believed spaces to provide a path to self discovery and designed them with just the right proportions and materials. Take a moment to consider his work, it’s time to find your space that speaks of you.
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