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Kyle Ridington

What are you wearing? And why did you pick this fabric? And whats the inspiration behind the fabric look?

“I’m wearing a double breasted suit made of Loro Piana’s most elegant 100% cotton. The color of this fabric remains up to some discussion but I like to call it blue emerald green. Manolo on the other hand has coined it Aqua Marino and although our opinions can differ, I have to settle with that name for now. I chose this fabric because I am very keen on cotton, I love the way cotton wears in the summer, how it wrinkles and tells a story of your day. The double breasted style with a ticket pocket and breast patch pocket gives this jacket a playful take on a formal design. The black mother of pearl buttons incorporate evening tones, bringing versatility to the garment. The color for me is much more of a daytime suit but you can wear it with a darker shoe in the evening and it pairs well.

I often find myself drawn to monochromatic designs and therefore much of the inspiration behind the color stems from my desire to match the color of my eyes. I also wanted to have a suit that matched the color of the ocean in Bermuda where I used to vacation as a child, those were the days…”

What’s the next garment and why?


“I’m thinking fall/winter believe it or not now that the summer has just broke. Usually you see people wearing navy blues, browns, some greys in the winter. As for me, I’m going to forge against the trend and wear a white. My first garment of the upcoming season is going to be a winter white double breasted flannel suit, something to match the snow.”

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