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Culture, Tastings & Interiors

The Lobster Club


Unleash your inner colors and step into a world of vibrant discovery. From modern Picasso inspired furnishings to a beautiful offering of sushi and Japanese style delights put together by chef Tasuku Murakami, you are embarking on a course of deliciously surprising flavors that are best shared with company. And don’t forget to try out their new and wonderful cocktail creations….last call. Explore more. 

Shades of Grey


February is approaching and of course it is a turning point for wardrobe tones. Grey suits are the solution to injecting newness as we look towards the end of the winter months. The secret lies in the shade of grey but there are times when only a grey suit will do, not a navy nor a black. Whether it is a sharkskin, birdseye, subtle glen plaid or the perfectly textured stripe suit, each has it’s optimal time of day but nonetheless timeless appeal in it’s practicality. We find that we have an affinity to complement greys with powdered blue or lavender toned shirts owing to a soft dignity and always elegant.

Mobili di Cantu Desk


What you are working on is really important. A desk is without a doubt the cornerstone of any home office. For us it is an essential piece for the modern man for it is about character, detail, and an extension of one’s integrity. This beautifully shaped 1956 mahogany & teakwood desk with brass legs, fluted faces and gently curved top surface hits everything on our list. Explore more

Josef Albers in Mexico – The Guggenheim


Through countless trips to visit ruins in Mexico, Josef Albers became enthralled with these ancient structures inspiring his photography and soon his colorful and glowing abstract art. The exhibition explores the ancient world and is complemented by a modern experimentation in shape, color and composition. Go for an hour or stay for a few and take in Mexico in a whole different way. Explore more
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