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A Note to All Gentlemen: The trend-concious New Yorker knows that the only thing to be donned over a fine suit is the ideal overcoat.

This is in reference to those who outfit themselves in the dreaded Northface fleece or the Patagonia Windbreaker…if it’s designed for camping, save it for camping.  When considering the proper overcoat to aquire for the season, one must be mindful that this garment has to remain a closet staple for many winters to come.

The perfect winter coat should sit around 10” above the knee, have a double breasted closure and a natural roll on the lapel.  It should be properly adorned with the right horn button and lapels sitting at least 4 1/2” wide.

When choosing the right cloth consider no less than 13-15 ounces and texture should be your primary denominator.  We also derive much of our detail inspiration from  what is called a Guards coat or and English Officer’s coat, and it’s commonality dates back to the First World War.  Soldiers tended to be drawn from the British working classes, while the officers were almost exclusively plucked from upper, gentlemanly class.

They found that having officers outfit themselves is what helped reinforce the social hierarchy of the military, the same way you can stand apart from the ranks of fellow New Yorkers in a timeless bespoke winter overcoat.

In summary, it is necessary to invest in the quintessential overcoat that can labor this winter and winters to come.

Here at Manolo Costa New York we have the ultimate assortment of Loro Piana, a mill that provides fabric with unrivaled quality and texture.  An overcoat from this cloth helps you effortlessly add the finishing piece to your everyday workwear or take your Saturday sweater and denim to the next level, either way you’ll stand out amongst the ranks.


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