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Gianni Agnelli and Complexity

A Vanity Affair

Gianni Agnelli


He was the head of FIAT and known as ‘The Rake of Riviera’ and his understanding of the power and influence of style remains unrivaled. So have some vanity yet be modest and every woman will want to be with you and every man will want to act like you.

Agnelli’s unusual ability to understand people gave him the opportunity to create a world of his own. Owing to this was his eye for clothing and dress which was never deliberate, a cornerstone of our approach to style. Simply put it is how one carries oneself and theres a level of nonchalance that is required.

We truly admire Agnelli for always remaining comfortable and of course he championed classic silhouettes and fabrics including the 4×2 double breasted suit in a light grey with subtle patterns or a beautiful tan solaro for the more extravagant pursuits.

Being able to match the tone of a garment with one’s character is what truly brings out authenticity and a little shrewdness. Agnelli could break the rules because he was aware of them and chose to ignore them.
He was above them.

So the next time you are eating lunch in Rome, followed by an afternoon of skiing in the alps and dinner in Paris take some inspiration from Agnelli’s classical looks, they are sure to be timeless.

Timeless Treasures


Dress your home like you would dress yourself.
To hold a collection of words, photographs or drawings that truly encapsulate ones identity and bring out the levels of a man that aren’t necessarily talked about in everyday conversation is what makes having books around worth the shelf they lie on. Whether it be the classics, your favorite era in history, biographies, writings on travel, an exhibition you visited or studies of the occult these are treasures that can be revisited time and time again.

Spring Solaro


This season take your cues from ‘La Avvocato’ and think of pieces that have character and complexity. There is no time for plain tones, let your style reflect the intricacy of one’s nature by being exquisite with slight restraint. Think of fresco’s, solaro’s, sharkskin grey’s and gabardines. It’s certainly the time to inject subtly and explore outside of the boundaries while remaining in touch with oneself.

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