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Fresco’s, Van Gogh & More

Cool, crisp and dry with a twist

It can be challenging to select clothes for the warmer months and express one’s sartorial taste, but it doesn’t have to be. One of our favorite fabrics that will change your view on getting dressed come July are Frescos.Crisp, cool, and crease resistant, the nature of this breathable weave is intended for perfect summer days when you want to let the breeze pass through. And if you’re a traveler this could also be your answer to making a cleanly pressed and sharp arrival right off the runway.

In addition to the fabric having quite unique properties, a timeless and sophisticated effect is achieved by the nature of its depth and texture.

Imagine a cool and crisp appearance this Summer that will carry you from morning through night, no wardrobe changes required.


L’Atelier des Lumières, Paris

Unleash your inner colors and experience the masterpieces of Van Gogh through a new dimension. The exhibit projects some of his works into a space that allows you to step into the paintings and even examine the artists brush strokes up close.


Rolex President Day-Date

Exclusively crafted of precious metals, few luxury watches can compete with the prestige, greatness, and timelessness of the Rolex President. Back when Rolex launched the Day-Date back in 1956, it was the first watch to include the day of the week written in full along with the date window. Worn by presidents, world leaders and visionaries over decades, the timepiece has become an international symbol of success.
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