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Form Fitting, Linens, Ancient Baths

AIRE Ancient Baths


Heal your mind and recharge your body.
Engage your senses in a space that you will find relaxation and peace with oneself as you move through a series of different baths at AIRE. Set in a restored 1883 textile factory the unique experience of bathing in this atmosphere transports you to a time of Greek or Roman traditions. Take time for yourself outside of the busy city bustle and energize your  spirits, you will be sure to return.

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Form Fitting


What is that one thing that we all have in common?
…Morning rituals, picking the right shirt. Whether ready-to-wear, custom or fully bespoke your choice of fabrics and styles tell a story of who you are and what is in store for the day.


So who are you?


Are you the clean pressed high collar type who doesn’t miss a beat without his 7-fold tie? Are you more nonchalant and prefer to keep the neckline open? Or are you sporting a camp collar and ready to let loose?

The possibilities are truly endless. The secret lies in knowing what works best for you and in welcoming suggestions from a trained eye. Take heed of who you are and think about personalizing your shirt style. Whether you gravitate towards vintage stones or shined bold metals its never too late to start a cufflink collection. Think about making your shirts your own with a subtle monogram. Go tonal and match the color of your initials with the color of your shirt, this will ensure an elevated and discreet finish.



Wash and iron your own shirts

There is great benefit to washing your own shirts, you have complete control of what goes on them and it can even be therapeutic as you bask in the hot steam rising from the cotton, turning a collar and smoothing the placket, a minuet of sorts. Before washing be sure to unbutton all buttons and pre-treat any stains (Marseille Soap works well), minimize wear by setting the washing machine to a delicate wash and finish by air drying. Now it is time to pour a drink and get the iron hot in preparation for tomorrow. It takes some time and attention but the rewards will pay off.

Wash and press by your cleaners

Everyone has an engaged schedule and taking away from the dinner cruises on the canal is certainly not an option.
But most cleaners will do almost the exact same thing as what you can do at home. The shirt is washed and then put on a shirt press which irons and dries it but in a harsh fashion often disregarding the caring treatment necessary to preserve the longevity of a shirt. Keep this in mind.

When to chuck it

No one wants to see collar points warped or frayed cuffs or especially visible sweat stains and cracked buttons. So there is really only one option but to retire that shirt and seek out new threads.

Sleep Into Luxury


Thread counts. Be consistent and take that same notion into the bedroom. Listen to your hands and indulge your taste in comfort and beauty. Don’t just stop at the sheets for your palate is multifaceted and textures, weight and shade must all be contemplated. So retreat into the elegance that is your own quarters, each detail embodies part of your persona.


Go the extra mile, splurge, for this is your domain.

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