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Blue Power – Shirtings Volume I

Build Character OverTime 

Humble in its nature but true in its dress code, Chambray holds the key to monumental simplicity. You will find that it sits perfectly between the sophisticated and the casual.


Blue is the new blue. The one color that should account for 75% of your shirt stock truly has no expiration date. Dressy or unapologetically casual you simply can’t go wrong with azure. So go ahead and find the right patterns and textures that will help you build character and add essence to those delicate and rich tones that make this shade everyone’s favorite.

Shades of Cool

Just a few ideas to consider when picking this year’s staples.

Earn Your Stripes

Bold or subtle, stripes furnish a pattern that can be seamlessly rotated in ones collection of blues year round. Find the stripe that speaks of your sensibility and let your shirt do the talking.

Fresh Linens

Linen is cooler in the city than on the beach and it’s the perfect vehicle to spike some color in your summer wardrobe. Be sure to seek out light blue or striped blue linen and break away from the traditional ivory or white.


La Briciola, Milan

If you’re on route to Milan and want to sit down with the Milanese for dinner then look no further than La Brichola. Cascading willow trees covered in sparking lights are suspended throughout the space, transporting you to a magical realm filled with sensations that pair seamlessly with the Milanese specialities. Don’t kid yourself and make a reservation at least 2 weeks in advance, you can thank us later.


Accent Tables – Paul McCobb

If you find yourself searching for sophisticated storage solutions, then Paul McCobb should certainly be on your list. McCobb was an American furniture designer who created functional yet alluring designs, some of his most successful designs being wall storage and cabinets. The contrast of Vitralite white glass tops on wood grain with brass hardware is not only clean and spare but classic and timeless. After all some of the best things in life come in pairs.
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