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Back to basics

The Navy Blazer: Always elegant, always fashionable, always versatile, and hopefully always within arms reach. We can’t think of a garment that is more important in a gentlemans wardrobe than the navy blazer. But we aren’t talking big padded shoulders, a shapeless waist and plastic gold buttons. We’re talking a soft shirt sleeve shoulder that follows the bodys natural lines. We’re talking a silhouette of distinctive proportions. And as for buttons? Polished brown horn buttons or vintage hand enamaled brass buttons from England or France. Whichever you choose, you can rest assured knowing that you weren’t led astray.

Mr. Jude Law wearing a navy blazer with ease in The Talented Mr. Ripley. There is not a single venue where the Navy Blazer isn’t an appropriate choice. Office? Gray trousers, shirt and a knit tie. Night out on the town? Jeans and our beloved hidden buttondown collar shirt. Fall/Winter? Lightweight merino turtleneck and hunter green corduroys. Spring/Summer? Powder blue linen shirt and antique cream trousers. You can do no wrong.

The Gray suit:  Some will say that navy is more versatile. Some will say that black should be the first color suit you own. We think the one suit every man needs in their closet is the medium gray suit. Refined, yet still oozing character. Elegant, yet unpretentious. This is the suit every man needs to own. White shirt, blue shirt, pink or lavendar. The most neutral canvas for all shirt and tie combinatations. A timeless classic that can seamlessly transport you from the office, to the opera.


We’re excited to announce the arrival of our Loro Piana exclusive suiting cloth. Our recent delivery consists of the finest and most exquisite foundational patterns for the discerning gentlemans wardrobe. Luscious shades of marine and navy blue solids. Sophisticated stripes in timeless widths.  Sharkskin suiting in the most debonair shade of cocoa you’ve ever laid eyes on.

All of our exclusive Loro Piana suiting cloth is milled from a luxurious, medium weight 9 ounce wool. We hate to throw around the term “year round”, but we do believe that a suit cut from this particular cloth is something you can really enjoy all 12 months of the year.

The experience is exclusively yours.  

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