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A Brooklyn Tale

Sartorial Insights


Informally Formal


Dive into the weekend and give your blue blazer a rest, step out of the ordinary and try something different. Don’t feel like your work is spilling into your excursions so unbind that formality and have some independence. Imagine a summer sport coat ¬†completely unconstructed, one that gets to know the form of your body so comfortably its like a second skin. Choose a fabric that is well versed during the day as it transitions smoothly into the night and keep in mind it’s summertime.





This is the neo-bistro you are looking for to spend the afternoon relaxing outside amid a welcoming Parisian ambience. Sauvage looks like it tastes with balance, precision, meticulous preparation and history that you will savor in every bite. Let the mixology masters serve you cocktails that give a nod to the future and make you sit back in involuntary satisfaction. Allow yourself to dream and have your gut instinct lead you.



Brooklyn Flea


Now throw that jacket over your shoulder and walk off brunch. Find your treasure at Brooklyn Flea market which sets up every Saturday at Industry City and every Sunday in DUMBO. Don’t go if you are looking for something, go there to find that something you didn’t know you were missing.

Al Fresco


1 Rooftop Garden & Bar


Searching for the most iconic and picturesque views of Manhattan? There is truly a spectacular place to be lounging in Brooklyn, up in the air and next to the pool. The views are absolutely second to none and so as you enjoy a perfectly chilled glass of rosé go ahead and take in the city we love.

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