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Custom Made Suits


The ideal version of yourself; can you see it? We all know what we look like thanks to our reflection and cameras. But knowing exactly what we COULD look like is different entirely.  Pondering a different “you” requires imagination.  Is your ideal self a man of impeccable taste? A gentleman who enjoys the arts and vibrant city nightlife? Does he take his wardrobe so seriously that he invests in custom-made suits?  With that in mind, you must decide what kind of person you aspire to be. Complex on the surface, but when boiled down, the structure becomes clear.



custom made suits nyc


Start on the Outside

Since you are seen before you are known, it is important to ensure that you’re always looking your best; for that first impression and beyond. That is precisely why having your suits custom

made is a smart decision because you have complete control of the entire design process – from the fabrics used, to the color, to the style of suit. Every detail is at your discretion, so your

tailor can execute your vision with pinpoint precision. Whether you are walking into a meeting, making a wedding toast or attending an event at Carnegie Hall, you will look exceptional in your

custom made suit, no matter the circumstance. But outward appearance is only one facet of your ideal self.


custom made suits


Work Your Way Inward

You can look like a million bucks on the outside, but if your ideal self is living an unhealthy lifestyle, no makeover in the world will help. That is why it is vital to get adequate exercise and

rest, drink plenty of water and strive for a healthy diet. And with the popularity of health food stores and “clean” eating trends, the ability to customize your diet is as easy as creating custom

made suits.



Customize Your Culture like a Custom Made Suit

Each step outside is a choice – which is especially true when selecting your leisure activities.  You can go out to dinner, see a movie or Broadway show or check out a comedian. The possibilities are endless. But hopefully, your ideal self will consider museums, galleries, the opera or the ballet, because enhancing your culture enriches your character in immeasurable ways. And elevating your character is what it is all about, for we are all evolving on the daily basis towards that complete, ideal version of who we are meant to be.

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